Meditating Outdoors

About Us


Alaya Panama is the culmination of ideas born from the worldwide adventures shared with our friends & family. After many years of traveling and working abroad we have decided to take root in Playa Venao, along the stunning shores of Panama. It is here that we provide our friends with tools and services needed to support them towards the changes they wish to make in their life. As holistic and Ayurvedic practitioners, we are building a peaceful and spiritual community of locals and travelers alike. 

"Happiness is the Highest form of Health"

- The Dalai Lama

Why Alaya?

"The word Alaya has many meanings in different languages, but mostly it means a house in Buddhism, greatness in Arabic, and happy in Basque. A Great, Happy, House! Most importantly I love the way it sounds and it reminds me of the playa that we love so much"


—  Ben, Founder