All about our natural Ayurvedic liver detox




It is said that the liver is the chief operator of the body and its organs, taking care of it allows us to live longer and healthier, at the end the purpose is to die young as late as possible, isn’t it? A fatty liver or a liver that isn’t working properly leading to many different illnesses as diabetes, hypothyroid, insulin resistance, obesity, chronical constipation and so on. 


Those 8 days will bring you back to a healthier lifestyle and an optimum health meanwhile enjoying outdoors activity and discovering Venao region. By doing it with a group, you will benefice of the emotional support and motivation that we all need when we decide to change or to try something new in our life.


We will start and finish with one day of light diet, do 5 days of full detox diet and 24 hours fast with specific natural product to clean your liver with.


Benefits of the Detox


Almost any detox is a winner for your body and mind. The specific one will make you feel lighter, boost your metabolism, works again inflammation, boost digestion system, reduce risk of thyroid issues, fungal infection, prediabetes and help you loose weight meanwhile improving your libido.

In partnership with Hariharalaya & Ayuskama Ayurveda for the process and the receipes.