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GOAL 25,000.00 USD

Land Preservation + Reforestation Project

Phase 1

We built and open a Hotel and Retreat Center that works with the way the land is set up instead of against it.

We planted 300 trees for helping to re-populate the Land.

We planted 300+ fruits and veggie plants to diversify the flora of the land.


Phase 2

The goal is to continue diversifying the Flora around the land by Planting 300+ trees of different sizes and types.

If you'd like to contribute, 

Check out what you get:

What You Get.

When you contribute any amount beetween 5-499 USD you get to:

1. Be Featured as a supporter, here, on our webstite

2. A Gift Voucher Equivalent to your contribution to use at our Dome Rooms.

And, when you contribute anything over 500+ USD you get:

All the benefits mentioned before,
PLUS! A Wooden Plate with your desired name next to a tree.

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