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We are close to 2 of the most famous tourist destinations in Panama: Isla Cañas & Playa Venao. 

Located at the heart of a small rural town of Panama called Cañas. You will drive through the only paved road of the town, go into the town’s tiny park, pass a cattle farm and you will be magically transported to Alaya. 


Cañas is a tiny town and the locals here live off cattle farming, fishing & construction. The town has a magical charm to it with friendly people saying hi whenever you pass by, a river running alongside the whole town, dogs & chicken all around and silence in the evenings that is only interrupted by sounds of the jungle such as cicadas and howler monkeys.

Find us in Waze & Google Maps as Alaya Panama.  

Transportation & Access


  • Find us in Waze or Google Maps as Alaya Panama. (7º26’41”N 80º15’58”W)

  • Directions: Drive from Panama City all the way to Divisa on the Panamerican Highway. At Divisa take the right turn up the bridge, which will take you to the Azuero Peninsula. Continue driving past Chitre & Las Tablas towards Pedasi & Venao (it’s a straight road from Las Tablas to Cañas) - we recommend adding fuel to your car on Las Tablas as it's the cheapest one. Once you arrive in Venao you will be 9 km from Cañas, where Alaya is located (Venao is the last place to buy fuel & with all cell service providers reception). Keep driving to Cañas (you will see a sign). There’s cell reception from a few providers. Once you pass the Cañas sign, you will see how the road intersects to both sides, take your left. Drive 300m until you reach the tiny town park, take a right. Then take a left, the church will be in front of you, take a right again. Pass the bridge and once you arrive at our Yin Yang Door, welcome, you are in Alaya. 

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