What is yoga for us?

Yoga is more than a simple practise of postures, twisting your body into deep and sometimes strange animal shape. Yoga is a holistic approach of life which can be practise in its integrality or in different declination. Alaya offers you this integral Yoga approach, with the asanas (body postures), some breathing exercise (Pranayama), simple mudra (hand energetical gesture), mediation and a few more tools to help you develop and connect to your innerself.

Yoga on SUP
Vinyasa Yoga

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is known as the mother of yoga, the union of the sun (Ha) and the moon (Tha), the balance between the inhalation and the exhalation, the equilibrium between right and left, day and night. It is a soft sequence of asanas that can be held for short or longer periods with the help of the breath.